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Night of Noise Writing Contest

In silence, we speak volumes... 

For this year's Day of Silence and Night of Noise, Westerville Queer Collective invites writers to share an original poem, speech, or other work of literature highlighting why they participate in this protest, the turmoil this silence represents, or anything else they long to shout. 

All submissions will be reviewed by the judging panel. The top three chosen will receive a prize and their work will be featured both on WQC’s social media and in their monthly newsletter. All writers will be given the opportunity to share their work at the Night of Noise celebration, but participation is not a contest requirement. 

Submission Guidelines 

  • Submissions should be attached in PDF form to an email containing the participant's name (or pseudonym if the writer wishes to remain anonymous), contact information, and social media tag (optional). 

  • PDF submissions should not contain any identifying information within the document!

  • Westerville Queer Collective board members and those on the contest judging panel are not eligible for consideration.

  • All entries must be original works (created WITHOUT the use of AI) that have not previously been entered into a contest or published. Submitting plagiarized work will result in the submission being removed from consideration. 

  • Don't feel the need to censor your words, however any submission containing language that belittles or degrades members of a marginalized community will be subject to disqualification upon review.

  • Authors are able to submit up to 3 pieces but are only eligible to win once.

  • Each submission must be under 1,500 words.

All submissions must be sent to
by March 30th, 2024 at 11:59pm to be considered for placement

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